frequently asked questions

Can I choose different quality diamonds for my SmartBox?

Currently, the SmartBox is designed to work with only one quality diamond at a time to eliminate the risk of mixing different qualities while working with the same SmartBox.

We recommend having an additional SmartBox for every quality you work with.

However, we are open to custom requests, so be sure to contact us via email at for more information.

Can I use my SmartBox in the workshop?

Absolutely. We designed our boxes and containers to suit a jewellery workshop environment, even with a luxurious finish.

Each of the 30 metal container is fitted with a screw cap and is securely stored inside the box. Even if the box was to fall off your workbench, the metal boxes with the diamonds inside will remain in place.

Do I need to buy a box every time I place an order?

No, the purchase of the SmartBoxbox is a one-time purchase. After that, each order is processed as a refill. If you require multiple boxes, you can of course order as many as you need for your workshop or factory.

Do you have a minimum order policy?

We don’t have a minimum order policy.

How long it takes for me to receive an order?

We generally process orders within one week. However, larger orders may take longer. We suggest you to contact us to receive more information about the processing time for your order.

You can reach us via email at

How my SmartBox will be delivered to me?

We use the leading couriers, FedEx, DHL, Malca Amit, Ferrari and Brinks.

I have a significantly mixedinventory, but I do not have time to sort it. Can you provide this service?

Yes, we can sort your stock to suits all your needs. Once the goods have been processed we will send them back to you ready to use and sorted into your own SmartBox. For more information, please contact us via email at

What is the diamond Authenticity Report?

It is a grading report we provide for all of our diamonds. The Authenticity Report contains information on the 4C’s and it assures the natural origin and untreated nature of our diamonds.