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Gemmological laboratory

Thanks to our in-house laboratory, we ensure you the highest precision and quality standards.

We developed a technology center that includes state of the art machineries like M-Screen+ and Optec.

All our diamonds go through a strict protocol that allows us to provide our customers with exceptional professional performances and consistent supply.

Bagging service

Working with high-end jewelry manufacturers, we understand the importance of a diamond bagging service.

Maximize your time and increase your profits by taking advantage of this system and receive perfectly calibrated diamonds ready to be set in your jewelry.

EL-RAN’s reports

With each of our diamond parcels we provide two reports.

Authenticity Report which includes information on the 4C’s.

Traceability Report that gives information on the country of origin of the rough diamonds and the location where the diamonds were polished.

Precision cutting

We work closely with our clients to bring to life their unique diamond projects.

We focus on customised precision cutting for the watch and jewellery industries.


Recutting older inventory can be the perfect solution to generate new cash flow for your company.

We offer re-cutting services for diamonds above 0.50ct through our cutting centers in Antwerp, Tel Aviv and Bangkok.

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