Commitment to natural diamonds

We stand by responsibility, which is why we chose to be a certified member of the Responsible Jewellery Council.

Traceability and sustainability are the future

As a firm, we believe that the future of our business is strongly dependant on traceability and sustainability to support a transparent supply chain and provide accurate origin information to the final consumer.

” This is the decade of trust and transparency. It is all about consumer confidence. I applaud EL-RAN for their leadership and commitment to sustainability. The time is now to integrate sustainability at the core of your business strategy.  Initiatives like these are critical to drive positive impact forward.”

– Iris Van der Veken, RJC Executive Director

Iris Van der Veken and Eyal Atzmon at Vicenza Oro, September 2021

Promoting a sustainable development

In 2015 the United Nations identified 17 goals to achieve the end of poverty by 2030. Our efforts are oriented toward aligning our work with these goals in order to actively participating in the changes needed to earn a better future.

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