Small diamond supply

A special attention to the supply of small natural polished diamonds to the high-end jewelry and watch industries.

We specialize in both full cut and single cut, calibrated stones and single stones.

Small 0.6 mm to 3.65 mm (-6.5 to 1/10)

Pointers 3.66 mm to 0.99 ct (1/10 to 4/4)

Large Diamonds

We offer a wide range of large diamonds with original diamond reports.

Carat Stones 1.00 ct to 10.00 ct (4/4 & up)

Fancy colored diamonds

The world of colored diamonds is a marvel of nature.

Get in touch with us to discover our unique inventory.

Fancy shapes

Get creative by using fancy shapes diamonds.

In addition to the most know shapes, we manufacture custom-made shapes for our clients’ exclusive projects.

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